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Editing Firm Details

To edit your firm's details you must be logged in as an Administrator or an Owner.

From the anywhere in Reportance, navigate to the Admin Centre from the navigation menu in the top right corner of the screen. 

From here you can access many different Admin Settings. This article will focus on the Firm Settings.

There are three different components to firm details:

1. Offices 

Offices are for different registered entities (i.e. each entity has its own ABN and reporting name). Generally, they represent physical office locations or different parts of a business such as Audit and Tax & Accounting. This will depend on your individual organisation structure. For example; Brisbane office, Sydney office, etc.  

For more information on managing Offices see the knowledge article: Managing a Firm's Offices.

2. Teams

Teams can be used to manage different Teams within an office. In a traditional accounting firm, each partner forms a separate Team. 

For more information on managing Teams see the knowledge article: Managing a Firm's Teams.

3. Users

Users represent individual users and their login. A User can be assigned to both an Office and a Team. There is no limit to how many Offices or Teams a User can be added to.  

For more information on managing Users see the knowledge article: Managing A Firm's Users.

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