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Managing a Firm's Offices

Offices are for different registered entities. I.e. each entity has its own ABN and reporting name.  Generally, they represent physical office locations or different parts of a business such as Audit and/or Tax & Accounting. This will depend on your individual organisation structure. For example; Brisbane office, Sydney office, etc. 

Clicking into office section will show you a list of your current offices. Here you can add, edit any different offices your firm may have.


By default, a Main Office will exist for every firm. It is recommended to edit this office before adding other offices.

Add New Office 
To add a new office click 'Add Office' and complete the details. An example is shown below. 


Each office must have at least one administrator user. To add a user, click on 'Add User' and complete the details, before clicking save. 

We recommend that the Administrator be the same as the owner/administrator the firm was set-up with. 


To save the office click 'Save and Close' you will be redirected back to the list offices list as shown below:


Edit an Office

To edit an existing office simply click on the office and you will be taken to the Office details screen where you can edit the office. 
After making the required changes click the save and close button.

Delete an Office 


Deleting an office cannot be reversed and is final. 

To delete an office simply click on the office and you will be taken to the office details screen where you can delete the office. 
Select the 'Delete' button from the bottom right-hand corner as shown below. 


A confirmation box will be displayed to confirm the action. 

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