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Managing a Firm's Teams

Teams can be used to manage different teams within an office. In a traditional accounting firm, each partner forms a separate team.

Note: A team can only belong to one office even if there are team members from different offices.  

To show a list of your current teams, navigate to the Admin Centre by clicking on the dropdown menu in the top right of the screen and then click on Teams. Here you can add, edit or delete your Teams. 

Adding a Team

To add a new team click + New Team and complete the details below:

Note: Each team must have at least one 'Admin' and 'Manager'. 

Note: It is recommended that the Administrator is the same as the owner/administrator the firm was set-up with.

Note: It is recommended that the manager be the person responsible for the team. Generally, this is a partner or principal. 

To add a user, click on + Add User and complete the details, before clicking Save and Close

Editing a Team

To edit an existing team simply click on the relevant team and you will be taken to the details screen where you can edit the team. After making the required changes click the Save and Close button. 

Deleting a Team


Deleting a team cannot be reversed and is final 

To delete a team simply click on the team and you will be taken to the office details screen. Select the Delete button from the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. A confirmation box will be displayed to confirm the action.  

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