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Statement of Changes in Equity

There are three options available for displaying data in the Statement of Changes in Equity. This article will take you through those options. To choose the report variation, navigate to your report and add the Statement of Changes in Equity page if it is not already in your report template. Click on the Customise button.

This will bring up all the options for customising the page. Click on the dropdown menu of 'Report Variation' to show:

  1. Normal 
  2. Automated Equity Type Per Column
  3. Manual Equity Type Per Column

These options will be discussed in detail below.

1. Normal

This will display the report as per the layout selection. The layout can be modified by wrapping up, hiding or displaying detail in notes, as is the case with the Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Appropriation Statement. For more information on how to modify the layout see the knowledge article: Reporting - Pages.

2. Automated equity type per column

This variation will use internal opening balances inside accounts to work out the ‘movements’, and rename accounts in the capital/reserves area to relevant ‘movement’ titles.

An example report is shown below:

3. Manual equity type per column

This variation is for more advanced scenarios that require more customisation. It will work off opening balances being those accounts where ‘opening balances’ are selected against the account, and otherwise display everything else as is - so you can create custom accounts as required to show very detailed movement constructs.

Note: If there are discrepancies in movements of equity accounts you will receive an error 

To set up the accounts, navigate to the Accounts screen of the entity.

For information on how to customise the page layout and columns for this page type see the corresponding sections in the knowledge article: Reporting - Pages.

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