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Datasets - Balances - Tax Forms

Tax Forms are reports which will help you compile your income tax return for a company. 

The fields can be expanded to show or hide the detail of the accounts being represented in each of the tax form sections by using the arrows next to the form labels. 

An example Tax Form report is below: 

A complete list of the entire form fields can be found below: 


Company Tax Return
6 - Income
BGross payments subject to foreign resident withholding (excluding capital gains)
AGross payments where ABN not quoted
COther sales of goods and services
DGross distribution from partnerships
EGross distribution from trusts
XForestry managed investment scheme income
FGross interest
GGross rent and other leasing and hiring income
HTotal dividends
IFringe benefit employee contributions
QAssessable government industry payments
JUnrealised gains on revaluation of assets to fair value
ROther gross income
Calculation of total profit or loss - Income

6 - Expenses
BForeign resident withholding expenses (excluding capital gains)
ACost of sales
CContractor, sub-contractor and commission expenses
DSuperannuation expenses
EBad debts
FLease expenses within Australia
ILease expenses overseas
HRent expenses
VInterest expenses within Australia
JInterest expenses overseas
URoyalty expenses overseas
WRoyalty expenses within Australia
XDepreciation expenses
YMotor vehicle expenses
ZRepairs and maintenance
GUnrealised losses on revaluation of assets to fair value
SAll other expenses
QCalculation of total profit or loss

8 - Financial and Other Information
AOpening stock
SPurchases and other costs
BClosing stock
CTrade debtors
DAll current assets
ETotal assets
FTrade creditors
GAll current liabilities
HTotal liabilities
NLoans to shareholders and their associates
DTotal salary and wage expenses

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