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Reporting - Notes

Notes contain both the Accounting policies and the financial statement notes (such as Cash & Cash Equivalents etc).

We bring together three different concepts, Policies, Automated Notes and Disclosures, in order to provide the content to the notes to the financial statements.

Accounting Policies

Policies - Represents paragraph and other content that describes or discloses an accounting policy used in the preparation of financial statements. You can find out more in the detailed article Reporting - Accounting Policies.

Financial Statement Notes

Automated Notes - When building a report template, you have the ability to customise the layout of financial statement pages, selecting Show in Note will automatically build a cross-referenced note with the detail of that account header inside of it.

Disclosures - A disclosure represents information required or optionally disclosed in the financial statements. It generally includes content that will appear in the Notes to the Financial Statements cross-referenced to items in the financial statements. Disclosures differ from automated notes in that they enable you to handle more complex scenarios such as where two or more accounts need to reference the same note, or where you need to include paragraph or other types of content in conjunction with the account balance information.

Reporting Suites

In order to manage different kinds of accounting policies and disclosures, Reportance has a concept of Reporting Suites. A Reporting Suite represents a set of related policies and disclosures designed to meet the requirements of a reporting framework.

You can manage Reporting Suites by going to the Admin Centre and clicking on Notes.


Adding Reporting Suites

Policy suites can be edited by selecting the admin centre from the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen. From here select Notes, then Reporting Suites. To add a new reporting suite, select + New Reporting Suite

Each Policy Suite requires a name and a description. Complete the required details and select Add Reporting Suite

Edit/Delete Policy Suites

To edit or delete a policy suite, click on the policy and make the required changes. 

To save the policy select Save and Close

To delete a policy select Delete



Policies for the entire firm can be administered from the Admin Centre by selecting Notes and then clicking the Policies tab. Refer to the Reporting - Accounting Policies article for more detail.



Disclosures for the entire firm can be administered from the Admin Centre by selecting Notes and then clicking the Disclosures tab.

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