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Reporting - Global Report Settings

The global report settings dictate the location and format of the general accounting policies in a report.  

The global report settings can be set by selecting the Admin Centre from the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of any screen. From here select Global Report Settings.

From here you can change the location, title and format of the notes by editing the following fields:

Swinging Behaviour

Options, when accounts swing between dr and cr, are:

  • Keep Balances Together With Primary Column
  • Keep Balances Together
  • Separate
  • Disable

Location for 'General' Accounting Policies

To change where these policies appear in the notes, select the Location for 'General' Accounting Policies dropdown menu. There are three options to choose from:

  • Standalone
  • Standalone Note
  • Policies Note

For information on how to create additional policies see the administrative guide: Reporting - Notes.

1. Standalone: In this view, the general policies will appear before Note 1 without a note heading.

2. Standalone Note: The general policies will become Note 1 and therefore the accounting policies will move to Note 2. An additional field will become available to allow you to customise the title of Note 1.

3. Policies note: In this view, the general policies are combined with the accounting policies to all become part of Note 1.

Note Title Format

You are able to customise the format of the note headers. To do this you can use the fields {NoteNumber} and {Title} to determine the position of the number and the title in the header. You may add other information if relevant. 

Changing the note format to that shown above will result in the following display:

At any stage, you can revert back to the original system settings by clicking on the Revert to System Defaults button in the lower right of the screen.

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